Welcome to Perigee Business Technologies: Communication Redefined

Steve Sava, president, Perigee Business TechnologiesOur business revolves around yours.  Perigee is in the communications business, and not just the business of providing telephone systems, data, video services and equipment to customers; a simple Internet search will show you the scores of companies that can do that. I believe meeting your business technology needs begins with what seems to be a forgotten side of communicating … listening. In my many decades in this industry I’ve learned that only by understanding your business, your customers and your vision can we deliver the telephone and IP equipment and services you really need to be competitive.

And we don’t believe in the cookie-cutter approach. From a small telephone system to a highly integrated digital or VoIP package that provides it all – voice, cell phone integration and networking remote offices and workers; Perigee delivers with the equipment and functionality that best meets your objectives and your pocketbook.

Our local, regional and national clients tell us that they appreciate the fact that we are driven by service and are responsive to their needs.

Listening … it’s just one thing we do better than just about anyone else.

Steve Sava, President
Perigee Business Technologies